Native Rivermint Tooth Tabs (180 tabs)
Native Rivermint Tooth Tabs (180 tabs)
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Native Rivermint Tooth Tabs (180 tabs)

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Like toothpaste… but better! Our signature Native Rivermint Tooth Tabs are packed with natural Aussie ingredients to polish and remineralise your teeth – without any plastic packaging or toxic chemicals. Trust us… your teeth (and the Earth) will love you for it!

  • Powerful formula that works to remove surface stains, prevent tooth decay and remineralise enamel whilst being gentle on gums
  • 180 tabs per pack (3 months' supply)
  • Subtle yet refreshing flavour profile
  • Carbon-neutral shipping Australia-wide
  • 100% home-compostable pouch.


Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Carbonate, Xylitol, Erythritol, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Acacia Gum, Maltodextrin, Native Rivermint Flavour, Sodium Fluoride (905ppm)*.

*Sodium Fluoride only present when you select our 'Fluoride' option.

Sodium Bicarbonate (aka Baking Soda) is great for teeth whitening because when it comes in contact with water, it forms an alkaline solution which releases free radicals that help in teeth whitening. It is also proven to prevent tooth decay, cavity formation and gum diseases.

Calcium Carbonate is a mild abrasive that helps to safely remove plaque while gently polishing away surface stains. It also helps to strengthen the teeth by supplying it with essential calcium.

Xylitol inhibits the growth of harmful oral bacteria such as S. mutans, but its benefits do not stop in the oral cavity. By promoting healthy saliva production, remineralisation is encouraged by the transport of essential molecules.

Erythritol has been studied and proven to reduce dental plaque weight, reduce dental plaque acids, and reduce counts of Mutans Streptococci in the mouth.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is a safe and gentle surfactant (cleaning agent), derived from coconut oil, that works very well in skin cleansers, body wash and oral products to gently foam.

Sodium Fluoride in toothpaste and mouthwash safely and effectively helps to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride helps diminish demineralisation of tooth enamel and enhances the remineralisation of potential weak spots, strengthening the enamel.

Easy to use:

Pop one tab in your mouth, chew it up completely, and then begin brushing with a wet toothbrush to make your tooth tabs foam up into a paste. Brush for 2 minutes as normal, then spit.

When you receive your tooth tabs, empty them into an airtight jar, and pop the compostable pouch into your garden or compost. Voila!