How Our Brisbane Zero Waste Delivery Service Works

How Does It Work?

Delivery fees:

Postcodes 4011, 4012 and 4013: Free delivery for orders over $12 ($5 fee otherwise).

Rest of Brisbane City Council area: Minimum order $20. Free delivery for orders over $75 ($5 fee otherwise).

Moreton Bay Regional Council residents: Minimum order is $40. 

Delivery schedule:
We will be delivering every second week. Orders must be in my midday the day before your delivery day. Ensure any clean, dry Vessel bottles your are returning are out by 9am on your delivery day.
We have created five delivery zones to start with:
  • Mondays – Postcode 4012 only (there’s a lot of you!)
  • Tuesdays – NE Brisbane (basically east of Gympie Rd)
  • Wednesdays – NW Brisbane (basically west of Gympie Rd)
  • Thursdays – W and SW Brisbane (West Brisbane and west of the Pacific Motorway)
  • Fridays – City and SE Brisbane (Inner City suburbs, east of the Pacific Motorway and Bayside).
Your delivery day will be confirmed at checkout once you’ve entered your address.
Moreton Bay:
Vessel will deliver to Moreton Bay Regional Council monthly. The next Moreton region delivery day will be Tuesday 30 August.
Please note: Moreton Bay orders can not be processed through the website without extra information. Please email your contact details through to to arrange your order.
The details:

Vessel Nundah deliver locally-made skincare and cleaning products in pre-filled, returnable glass containers. Here's how it works:

1. Use the website to order the products you want. Most items come as pre-filled 1L glass jars. Others, such as the facial products, shampoos and conditioners, you have the option of buying pre-filled in smaller 100mL or 500mL sizes. These come with screw caps. If you want to make them into pump bottles, you can use pumps you've already bought from Vessel, or buy additional ones from the 'Bottles and Closures' section of the shop. Dry ingredients such as citric acid are delivered in paper bags.

2. When you have a container to return, you'll pay less for your product, as you'll only be paying for the product (not the bottle). In the online shop, simply choose the option "+ clean, dry empty Vessel bottle to return", and simply leave your clean, dry bottles out for collection by 9am on your next delivery day (you don't need to be home for delivery). Please leave the labels on the bottles, and please keep your pump lids (if you have one) so you can use it in your next bottle.

3. Delivery runs occur fortnightly. Your delivery day will depend on where you live. Your delivery day will be confirmed once you've entered your address when purchasing. Once registered, you will receive a reminder the morning of your delivery day.

4. You can also leave out your hard-to-recycle recyclables for collection (see the 'Recycling with Vessel Nundah' page for information on what can be collected).

Other FAQ's

Do I need to be home for delivery?

No. Simply leave any clean, dry, Vessel containers you are returning outside by 9am on your delivery day, and we'll leave your delivery in the same place.

I leave in units and/or don't have a safe place for you to leave my deliveries...

We can probably deliver to your workplace instead. Or, you could get your delivery made to a friend or neighbour's house.

Can we use our own containers, or do they have to be Vessel's containers?

Only Vessel containers will be used for delivery and return. This will ensure quantities are standardised. You are welcome to decant your products into whatever containers you like once you have received them.

 If you have any questions, please get in touch - we're happy to help!