How does zero waste shopping for skincare and cleaning products work?

Zero waste shopping


Vessel Nundah offers everyday people the opportunity to shop for their body care and home cleaning products without the single-use plastic. 


I buy quality products from quality brands, manufactured in SEQ, in bulk, and you come to the shop and fill your container from the bulk containers. Simple.   ​  

What makes Vessel Nundah special?  

- Zero waste shopping   

- Affordable and realistic price points for quality products   

- Supporting local SEQ manufacturers

- A model for sustainable consumption - let's disrupt the retail model!   ​  

You can either come to the shop, browse and buy, or if you know what you want, you can order ahead of time and I'll have your vessels filled and ready for pickup when you arrive.

The vessels


The concept behind Vessel Nundah is that our customers bring their own containers to fill up in store, eliminating the need for a new container with each purchase, and reducing waste.

To ensure the products you choose perform as expected, and for health and hygiene, your containers must be glass or plastic only, and clean, dry and undamaged. We reserve the right to refuse your container if it does not appear to meet these requirements.

We also have a small range of containers for sale for you to purchase, fill and reuse.