Zero Waste Body Care Products Brisbane

Keeping your body looking and feeling its best whilst also ensuring we use as minimal waste as possible is achievable through Vessel Nundahs zero was body care products. We have everything you need to reduce your environmental footprint with zero care body product alternatives to single-use items and non-recyclable items.

Browse our range of products including:

  • Body Wash
  • All-natural deodorant products
  • Soaps
  • Natural and reusable skincare products
  • Natural shaver soap
  • Pumice stones and more

Our products are zero-waste: all packaging is either refillable, compostable or recyclable, made specifically for those wanting a natural alternative to other products which may have toxins and plastics which damage our environment. All our body care products are made with eco-friendly ingredients that are good for your bodyand the environment. Since our products are free from any harmful toxins, they are safe for kids and pets.

Why Choose Zero Waste Body Care?

There are many benefits to practicing zero waste body care. Among these is the reduction in total waste and the number of products used. A standard bathroom can be full of toxic ingredients and disposable sanitary products. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, two billion disposable razors enter landfills each year.  By switching to more environmentally friendly reusable options, you can cut your waste and support a healthier environment at the same time. The average home disposes of over one hundred soap, hair care and skincare containers per year.

How do I start with zero waste?

Our products come pre-filled in returnable, refillable 100mL, 250mL, 500mL, or 1L glass bottles. If you'd like a pump top for the 100mL, 250mL or 500mL bottles, please add it from the 'Bottles and Closures' section. Once your bottle is empty and you’re ready to reorder, simply leave your clean, empty bottles out, and they’ll be collected when your order is delivered.

Vessel Nundah – Zero body care products

When you’re running out of your regular body care products and are looking for an alternative, make a responsible choice and choose Vessel Nundah. Not only will your skin and body love it, but the environment will also love it too and you can actively contribute to reducing waste and building a better future for everyone. Vessel Nundah also donates weekly to Groundswell, which funds grassroots climate action in Australia, so you can be sure you are spending your money with an organisation doing good.