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DIY Tips

I was recently honoured to be invited to speak at one of Mumma Got Skills' incredible Earth Mumma workshops - a series of workshops for mums with bubs on how to make a whole heap of natural, non-toxic products, such as beeswax wraps, coffee scrubs, candles, loofah soaps and so much more.

I talked to the mummas about some different resources that I have found really helpful on my journey toward making more of these products myself, and I thought some of you might appreciate them too.

The first tip is don't try and reinvent the wheel! Look to the wise women in this space who have figured it all out for us. The absolute guru on DIY cleaning products (and fabulous human) is Analisa of Under Your Sink in Melbourne. She has an AMAZING download with every cleaning product recipe you'll ever need, and it is literally one of the best value purchases I've ever made. You can find it here.

Krissy Ballinger from Perth is another expert in this space, and has recipes for cleaning products, body products and kids activities. You can find her books here, and her Facebook community is also really awesome.

If you want help with translating ingredient labels while you're out shopping, or on products you've already got at home, there are some helpful apps, including 
Chemical Maze and Think Dirty

Ever heard of Dr Bronner? They are an American owned and made company that have done an amazing job at cornering the market on an incredible (and very ancient) product - castile soap. I talked about Castile Soap being the 'gateway drug' to DIY (haha!). Why? Because it is an incredible, natural, gentle yet effective soap you can use to wash your hands, body, as a multipurpose spray, on dishes, even in the garden as a pest repellent! Here's 22 uses for your Castile Soap to give you an idea on what's possible (and of course we sell beautiful, refillable Australian-made castile soap here at Vessel

It's hard to talk DIY without mentioning Essential Oils. I don't have much expertise on this topic...but one source I definitely trust on the topic is Salvatore Battaglia from Perfect Potion (did you know they make their beautiful products in Brisbane?) His books are great (The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy is even available through Brisbane Libraries) and they have a YouTube channel too.

And a final tip to help make your hand soaps go further, dilute them (with cooled, boiled water, and use them in a foaming pump! And good old Daiso is a great place to find foaming pumps.

I hope some of these help you if you're curious to start getting into DIY, or learning more about ingredients in the products we use in our homes and on our bodies. If you want to know any more, just let me know!

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