Shea butter


Today's spotlight is on another of our DIY ingredients - shea butter! Extracted from the shea nut and refined, ours is Australian Certified Organic. It has a whitish colour and almost no odour. Used predominantly for skin care, shea butter is hailed for its protecting and emollient properties.
It can be used as a massage butter, as a moisturizing agent in soaps and shaving creams, to nourish hair, and as a treatment for minor skin wounds and irritations. It is commonly used to make lip balms, body butters and oils, hand lotions, shaving creams, and facial moisturisers. Shea butter is rich in cinnamon acid, and can also be used in products to help protect the skin from sun damage, or soothe after sunburn.
You can find heaps of great DIY recipes using shea butter in Krissy Ballinger's fantastic book 'Naturally Inspired' (which you can grab at Vessel too!)

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