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This! The solutions to climate change, biodiversity loss and degraded environments make EVERYTHING better! So let’s do it already!!!
I just finished reading David Attenborough’s ‘A Life on Our Planet’ (oh how I love that man!) It’s got me fired up again to turn back to the big issues.
I fully believe that action towards a healthier, more equitable world needs to come from three sides:
1) individuals, families and communities making changes (shopping at Vessel - tick!),
2) businesses and organisations making responsible choices about their operations and supply chains, and
3) governments in the form of regulation, policy, financial incentives and actual LEADERSHIP on the issues that are and will impact the earth for the rest of our time here.
We are now spoiled for choice of sources of information on how we can halt and reverse climate change, protect and restore our biodiversity, restore the health of our soil, air and water, and create a more equitable and just society while we’re at it.
Some of my faves are: 2040: The Regeneration, Project Drawdown, The Climate Council, Carbon8 Fund and of course Sir David. Peppermint Magazine put a fab article on shifting to a climate friendly diet in their latest issue. Future Super, Powershop Australia and Planet Ark also put out great info, and there are so many more.
And my two top tips that require a little effort but have a huge impact:
1) move your banking and super to ethical companies (Market Forces is a great source of info) and
2) PLEASE write to your local, state, and/or Federal member, and tell them that you want to see real, immediate action on issues that matter to you (transition to renewable energy, support for farmers to switch to regenerative practices, cessation of old growth logging, action on plastics or waste management, more green cover in our cities - whatever it is you want to see change!)
Let’s get fired up and get things moving! And let me know your sources of inspo/info in the comments. Peace.

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