Isn't it way more expensive? (No!)


One of the main reasons I started Vessel (as a complete business newb), is that I didn’t want to have to pay a huge premium in order to shop ethically. I also felt that the prices on most refillables would exclude a large number of people from shopping this way, and therefore prevent us from avoiding a whole lot of plastic waste.
Two-and-a-bit-years on, my eyes are now open to the realities and overheads of running a business, particularly a bricks-and-mortar retail business, but I am still firmly committed to this principle.
Yes, I’ve added to the range over the years, and you can definitely get some more ‘luxe’ items if you choose, but if you just want the basics, we’ve got you covered too.
The supermarket trolley in the first picture shows brands and sizes of containers we frequently see being used for refills at Vessel. It was priced online from a well-known supermarket using Nundah as the location. (Yes, you can buy Home Brand everything and of course it will be cheaper than what I’ve chosen, but I’ve gone for a middle-ground).
The second picture is what it costs to refill them at Vessel.
This comparison is simply to illustrate that shopping at Vessel is not crazy expensive, but beyond that, it is so much more. It is putting your hard-earned money back in the pockets of small businesses in the region who put everything into the products you use in your home and on your body every day. Their workers are treated and paid fairly. The products are better for you and the planet, and are great quality. They didn’t travel half way around the world on a container ship. And you don’t have to throw another bloody bottle away.

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