FAQ 4: What kind of containers should I bring? And more...


FAQ 4: What kind of containers should I bring, how can I clean them, and how to set up my refilling container collection?
Refilling at Vessel is all about using containers you already have (to avoid single-use containers). Now these can certainly be your old hand wash pump, shampoo bottle, spray’n’wipe bottle, or moisturiser containers. But they can also be all kids of jars and bottles from your pantry etc.
Here are some tips on which containers to use to make the whole thing a lot easier:
- Glass is easier to clean and dry than plastic. Glass can go in the dishwasher, and dries easier than plastic (you know how your kids plastic stuff is never dry when the dishwasher stops?)
- Glass jars with wide necks (think instant coffee, passata, olives or jam) are even easier to wash and dry, and are easy to use for both liquids and powders (think dishwashing or laundry powder or bicarbonate soda).
- As discussed in FAQ 3, your containers need to be clean and dry when filling at Vessel. To avoid having to run out of something in order to clean the container before refilling, it’s a good idea to have a few spare, clean jars so you can have one on the go, and one ready for filling.
- Jars (with a wide mouth) are much easier (than bottles with a narrow mouth) to use for creamy products like conditioner and moisturisers, as it’s easier to get all the product out and clean the container.
- To get the last of your products out of containers before cleaning, try turning containers upside down for a day or so, standing in warm water to make product more runny, and try rinsing out the remnants with vinegar to loosen creamier products.
We would love to hear your tips too!

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