FAQ 3: Why do my containers need to be clean and dry?


FAQ 3: Why do my containers need to be clean and dry, even when I’m refilling with the same product?
1. To protect you. All the products have been carefully formulated. They may work differently, badly, or not at all when mixed with the remnants of your old spray and wipe, shampoo, moisturiser or pasta sauce. Even remnants of the same product are not ok due to potential contamination. This is annoying when you’ve spent time, money and effort buying cleaning products, and disastrous when it’s on your face via skincare products!! (Think skin reactions!) 😲 (Some people may think “but I don’t care, I’m happy to take the risk!” - please see points 2 and 3 below.)
2. To protect the brands. The brands I have handpicked to stock have put big time, energy, love and money into their products. If your container isn’t clean, and the product doesn’t work as intended, that’s not so great for the brand!
3. To protect me. For all the above reasons, having a clean, dry container is a best practice requirement of the shop. Let’s keep refill shops off ‘Today Tonight’ as the new ‘hidden killer in our suburbs’ 😆
In my next FAQ, I’ll be giving tips on how to set up your refill system, to ensure you’re not desperately trying to clean out your moisturiser jar 15 minutes before coming into the shop (your clue is swap’n’go), or being disappointed by having your container declined (which is a real bummer for you and us!)
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