FAQ 2: Are the products all natural/ organic?


Short answer, no. When I started the shop, I simply wanted to be able to buy ‘regular’ supermarket-style products, without the plastic. I didn’t want ‘Himalayan unicorn-tear’ dishwashing liquid (for $14/litre), I just wanted dishwashing liquid minus the single-use plastic. So my first cleaning brand was Bushby. These guys care about the planet. Their products are non-toxic, grey water and septic safe and biodegradable, but contain synthetic ingredients. And they work great. Perfect.
But after being open a while, my customers were telling me they also valued natural products. Hence the addition of the Green Addict range. And now there’s choice.
What I do find very worrying is the large number of people (and companies) who use the terms ‘sustainable’, ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ interchangeably. Natural generally means the ingredients are of natural origin (rather than synthetic), whereas organic means the natural components were grown without pesticides and other chemicals. However the terms are used widely, which is problematic. Greenwashing is big business. And your particular skin may react to a product regardless of being natural or organic. At Vessel you can buy a small amount of a product before committing to a large amount, to ensure your skin loves it.
Here's an article from Nourished Life which has some good explanations of the different terms, and certifications you can look out for. ✔️

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