Citric acid


Ok Vessel Voyagers, here is my first in a series of posts on the new DIY ingredients we have in store. This one is focused on... citric acid.
Our citric acid is food grade. It can be used as:
- A food enhancer and preservative in beverages, conserves, jellies, frozen and canned foods, and as a meat tenderiser.
- Bath bombs – combine with bicarb soda and Epsom salts to get the fizz.
- In facial creams and lotions, where it acts as an antioxidant, revitalises skin and balances pH levels, rich in vitamin C, enhances the production of collagen, and acts as an exfoliator.
- In cleaning products – helps detergents soap in hard water.
- A fabric softener in areas with hard water.
- A bathroom or kitchen cleaner (diluted 10 parts water to 1 part citric acid).
- Toilet cleaner/in toilet bombs.
- Window cleaner (1 tbsp citric acid in 1L of water).
- Descaler – remove mineral scale from appliances including coffee makers, shower heads, washing machine.
- And many more ways...
The amazing Under Your Sink have a handy '20 Uses for Citric Acid' article, whichΒ is definitely worth checking out.
And please, let me know what you use yours for, and where you find your favourite recipes/inspo!

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