A time for change... (I lost my job)

Op ed

Yesterday, like so many people already, and so many more to come in this unfathomable year, I lost my job.
The one that I have joked (but not really) with many of you “actually pays me money”.
I’m ok; I’m in a fortunate position in a two-income household, and am endlessly grateful for that.
So what now?
Well, Vessel has only ever received half my love and attention, and now it can have it all! So get ready for Vessel to kick up the amazing to another level. I have so many ideas and am really excited for the next phase! ✨
I am also going to practice some self-care. Overshare: I’m going to get the overdue pap smear and mole check, and get fitted for a bra which might actually fit now that my breastfeeding days are (long) over. I’m going to clean out the clutter in my house which gets me down.
And I started today with a cup-filling breakfast with the amazing Carlie from Mumma got skills. Carlie and I met on the Impact Boom Elevate+ program last year and she is a complete powerhouse of a woman, and so generous with her time and wisdom. (And she’s claiming the breakfast as work expense. Yasss queen 💅🏻)
Here’s hoping you too can have a “let’s do this” kind of day tomorrow, or a self-care day (one really helps the other). Or soon. Just whenever. 😊
P.S. ...and I’m at Straddie this weekend! (Shop is open normal hours).

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